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Lapse Film is a full service video and film production company with studios based in London and Cambridge. Founded in 2013 with a passion for documentary film making and visual storytelling, Lapse Film produce original online content and visual shorts for clients and artists across the country.


The underlying logic, thinking and reasoning of any project. We take time sourcing inspiration, tackling the intricacies and planning the story right from the beginning.


We take our craft seriously. Never afraid to try something new but doing so with genuine care and attention to assure quality in even the finest detail.


Our roster of highly skilled creative individuals are driven by a burning passion to translate the newest and most imaginative ideas into reality.




Every project starts with us working closely with our clients to refine, plan and perfect the initial concept into a story worth telling. Every concept, story and script is the result of heartfelt collaboration to produce the best work for every client.



Constantly driven to capture the best shot or the most natural story, shoots are where we thrive; always pushing and stretching ourselves to get the best shot or the most natural performances. and some other words to test a theory etc.



We’re meticulous when it comes to crafting a story. The edit is where we lay the foundations of the project before shaping and sharpening to a finished film worth sharing. and some other words to test a theory etc.

Motion Graphics


Wether it’s creatively demonstrating the most complicated of topics or simply adding subtle movement to regular type, Motion Graphics animation is a limitless medium that allows us to add to and improve the way we tell stories.

Colour Grade


We make sure to take time at the end of every project to match, adjust and filter colour to enhance every shot in everyone of our films. Always the finishing touch but often the most important.



We live by the proverb that you’re only as good as your last work and that’s something we take very seriously. Constantly striving to produce our best work yet, we only deliver a final cut once we’re truly satisfied that it’s as good as we can make it.


The Team

A tight knit collection of directors, designers and doers who specialise in creating content to be proud of

Alex profile

Alex Stockley

Co-founder and Director

Christina profile

Christina Shepherd

Graphic Designer

Lewis profile

Lewis Rees

Co-founder and Director

Lewis profile

Liam Togher

Senior Producer



The Black and White Building
74 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3AY

020 3837 4949

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46A Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1LA

01223 655 192

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