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Amazing Sand castles in Spain
Lewis Rees shooting in  America for The Outside View
Lights in America
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Cambrionix Series 8 Video
Food from our slow motion Showreel
Shooting with the Canon XF300
Cambrionix Series 8 Proshot
Our in house Canon XF300
Shots from our tour of America
A nice shot of some grass
Using the Sony FS700 on our TV pilot shoot
Shooting on a Train in Spain with Vintage Travel
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Spanish Restaurant from shooting in Spain
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We're a small team of young, dedicated and passionate film makers eager to create stunning content worth shouting about.

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we specialise in stunning web video, made to make a difference and last.

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We want to hear from you and make it happen.

Lapse Film specialise in hand-made content creation in Cambridge and London. We're meticulous with every detail and every angle counts. We know that video is one of the most crucial parts of a website nowadays and portraying the right image is key.

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Shots from our slow motion food showreel
Kevin Roberts from our film The Outside View
Our shoot in spain with vintage travel

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